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Together We Can Do So Much

Becoming a Breast Buds Partner means joining our mission to change the way we experience Breast Cancer. Empower your organization to cultivate connections, encourage your peers to support a life changing cause, and enable your brand to nurture meaningful relationships.

A Bit About Us

Breast Buds is a social enterprise focused on supporting innovation for folks experiencing Breast Cancer.

Our patient-centric approach means we are first building technology in people's best interests. We know it sounds novel, but we happen to think helping alleviate the isolation of Breast Cancer is a significant first step.

Breast Cancer Support Organization Partnerships

Why Collaborate?


Community Engagement

We create engaging campaigns and content to support those impacted by Breast Cancer.

Data For Reporting

Our platform allows users to engage with peers, community and support. A partner dashboard will deliver valuable data and insights.


Thousands of users visit our site looking for appropriate resources. We will connect them directly to your site and supports! 

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